climate founder dojo

monthly training and community sessions for early stage founders

season 1: feb - may

weekly rolling deadline

2 min video

supporting the most ambitious founders in climate

we're looking to those asking questions to 10x the status quo.

  • how might we make cleaner energy more affordable?
  • how do we create better batteries and storage systems?
  • what are big moonshot bets in fusion?
  • how might we scale forms of carbon capture?
  • how might we make cleaner food systems?
  • how might we better understand our oceans?

why make big bets alone?

for founders by founders

mental models, skillsets, and knowledge to succeed in tough tech.

we're putting founders first with a human potential perspecctive.

  • mental models = clearer thinking
  • skillsets = faster operational velocity and better leader
  • knowledge = increasing probability of figuring it out

all while building meaningful relationships with other ambitious founders.

learn more read the manifesto →

while this website is pretty, ^ this is linked to a black and white behind the scenes doc.

the dojo is for leveling up

olympic level athletes have gyms to train, why don't founders?

1. weekly sessions like live case studies with series a (or later) founders.

2. community sessions like roundtable dinners and founder therapy.

3. personalized coaching for 1-1 feedback.

4. mentor support from those who have done this before.

learn the why behind our structure, read the manifesto →

monthly session schedule*

*this is 85% of what to expect. subject to getting better.

like a gym, chose your own path to match your priority and schedule.

pick 1 training + 1 community session monthly. paired with unlimited office hours.

you'll get out of this what you put into it.

see full schedule read the manifesto →

the application process

we are building the best community of founders.

1. fill out the 5 question application with 2min video submission (12min)

apply by 01/15 to get the 50% discount for $299 total.

2. interview (15min)

3. join info session to ask any questions (30min)

4. sign acceptance form + pay (3min)

5. 🌎 join kickoff 🌎

if you're reading this, stop and apply. #bias-to-action.

priced as a gym membership for training


join other tough tech founders

free forever*

✓ slack community

✕ weekly sessions

✕ workshops

✕ mentor office hours

✕ 1-1 coaching

✕ show + tell feature


one price for three months of sessions


✓ slack community

✓ weekly sessions

✓ workshops

✓ mentor office hours

✓ 1-1 coaching

✓ show + tell feature


cooking up something spicy for season 2


stay tuned

*we're changing the way that tough tech gets built. we think that's best done together with training.

if that's not for you, and you still want to join a community of other founders, then join the waitlist.

we believe founders helping founders the best support. this part will always be free. we'll launch this soon.

**we don't want cost to be a reason not to join season 1. if you connect with the above but are worried about $$, then apply anyways. we have a couple of sponsored spots.

note, we're not in this for the money, we're in this for the results. if at any time you don't think this is worth it, you can get a full refund.


have more questions?

email founder dojo's

director, michael raspuzzi

training ambition to push global progress 🌎 since 2020